The boom in coffee pods triggers new projects.

In Spain, the increase in multiple industrial actions aimed at developing new families of capsules compatible with the Dolce Gusto and Nespresso systems, among others. Aware of the rise of this market, a true growth of proposals has been generated in recent years, in such a way that today several companies in the food sector have incorporated compatible capsules into their catalogs.

Feeding system for coffee capsules.

We present one of the positioning systems for coffee capsules that we have made in our TAD facilities.

This specific system consists of:

  • (2) 600mm diameter positioning units.
  • Direction of rotation: (1) clockwise + (1) counterclockwise.
  • Exit position: vertical axis, face up and face down.
  • 2 linear.
  • Flow rate: 180 units per minute.

Both the flow rate, the starting position of the piece, as well as other characteristics are determined by the client and their needs. We build customized industrial vibratory feeders, giving the best solution to the client according to each particular case.

Our main objective is:

Respond and offer a solution to our customers through an industrial vibrating feeder for coffee capsules. We offer our equipment to companies that produce coffee capsules as well as to engineering companies that carry out complete assemblies of production systems for this type of products.

What kind of coffee capsules can be positioned?

By making custom positioning equipment, we can make capsule feeders compatible with the Nespresso®, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Senseo or Tassimo systems. These can be plastic, aluminum, compostable or conventional capsules. However, our equipment can be totally customized, with which we can manufacture industrial vibrators to feed all kinds of parts, always following the specifications of our clients.

If you want a system to feed coffee capsules, we would love to be part of your team, we are here to advise you and for this we want you to know the options that we develop at TAD.

See how our equipment works:

Video Coffee Capsule Feeding System

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