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The perfumery and cosmetics sector plays a fundamental role in Spanish economy, especially in exports. In fact, Spain is the 6th largest exporter in the world for perfumes and cosmetics.

TAD feeding systems destined for the sector’s companies comply with its inherent requirements in so far as high frequency speeds, rapid format changes, reliability, safety and quality. We specialise in feeding and guiding the parts used in the perfumery and cosmetics sector, parts which are normally delicate, fragile, which are easily damaged or scratched due to contact with metal surfaces. These are products which need a retained quality right up until the end of the process. At TAD we have developed vibratory bowl feeders, mechanical/centrifugal feeders, horizontal conveyors and elevators that respect this demand.

Within the perfumery and cosmetics sector, we design and manufacture equipment for feeding parts such as plastic or glass containers for make-up, perfumes and creams, roll-ons, dispensers and sprays, nail varnish brushes and bottles of all shapes and sizes.

In an increasingly demanding market, feeding systems have become essential.

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