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In today's level of digitization and information flow, security is more important than ever.


  • Information security audits are recommended according to the european regulation (GDPR) as of

    MAY 2018*

    The regulation applies for

    All companies that are collecting personal data and/or are doing business within the EU


    For companies which have neglected cybersecurity measures - 4% of the company's revenue or up to 20M Euro
  • We make sure our clients stay ahead of attacks and mitigate future risks

    Our team of experts is certified by some of the top security organizations and vendors in the industry

    TAD GROUP also holds two of the most important ISO certifications:
    ISO 27001 : ISO 9001

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The first bulgarian specialized forum for cybersecurity. Project of TAD GROUP that aims to popularize the concept of cybersecurity in Bulgaria. The forum is divided into several sections regarding cybersecurity and you can also get in touch with the cybersecurity community.
Take advantage of our new product for content management. SpartaCMS allows you to dynamically build secure and innovative websites with a wide range of functionalities. In addition to all the perks for information management, it also blocks and provides the ability to track down attacks launched against your website, restrict access, enable and disable individual security modules, view attacks history and more.

In the list of attacks that are detected are SQLi (SQL Injection), XSS (Cross-site Scripting), proxy visitors, multiple identical queries, spam bots and other.

Are you prepared for GDPR?

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 or the so-called GDPR has been promulgated in the Official newspaper of the European Union as of 04.05.2016. As you already know, it is mandatory and will be directly applicable in all Member countries by 25 May 2018.

The purpose of the regulation is to ensure the protection of each person's personal data by introducing a series of obligations for businesses. For the business, this means creating new rules and policies for personal data protection, regular observance of compliance, maintaining a high level of employee awareness with respect to data subjects' rights. The most valuable asset in today's digital world is information.

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