Bowl Feeders

TAD, is a European company specialized in the design and manufacture of vibratory feeding equipment and systems (vibratory feeders).

What do we do?

We have more than 35 years of experience in the sector, covering the whole spectrum necessary for the client and helping them to grow their business.

Feeding systems

The feeding systems select, orient and position the parts, fulfilling the project requirements in each case.


(Artificial Intelligence Feeding) is a total and flexible solution for feeding parts in an automation process.

All sectors

We have extensive experience working with food, automotive, perfumery, pharmaceutical, and packaging companies on a variety of projects.

One client, one solution

Customized industrial vibrators

At TAD, we participate in the automation production process by manufacturing industrial vibrators for various industry sectors, including automotive, cosmetics, pharmacy, packaging, and food. Our scope of action is global, with our main market being the European Union. We have permanent delegations in France and Poland, also we have collaborations in Portugal, Argentina and Brazil. We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with more countries so that we can better serve our clients.

Extensive program for workpiece positioning

We have an extensive program of self-manufactured vibratory and electromagnetic equipment that allows us to fully cover the entire wide spectrum of achievements related to our activity.


We cover any type of production, including piece-by-piece selection devices: highly difficult selections, positioning of parts with complex geometry, delicate treatment, high rates, etc.


We develop specific solutions for clients with particular problems.

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At the forefront of vibratory systems

Our production volume positions us as one of the main manufacturers of vibratory systems in Europe. Currently, we have a production capacity above the average for companies in the sector, and we have a qualified workforce made up of around 60 experienced professionals.

As a manufacturer of vibrating equipment for automatic feeding and positioning of parts, we focus on providing the highest quality and the best possible performance of our product in order to meet the technical expectations of our customers. In this respect, we are backed by the experience we have accumulated in thousands of projects over 35 years of activity.

The goal: maximum efficiency of the system and the industrial vibrator.

When manufacturing feeding systems for the positioning of parts, our primary objective is to be competitive in terms of both the quality of the finished product and the cost of acquisition. We firmly believe that the most profitable investment is the one that translates into the best return on investment.

In short, our professional goals have been, and we aspire to continue to be, to produce vibratory systems operating at optimum performance, regardless of their complexity, to offer a good level of productivity as well as a satisfactory after-sales service on a global scale, maintaining our policy of investment in human and technical resources in order to continue to provide our customers with quality products and services.

About us

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