TAD group began its trajectory in May 1986 as a young, diverse, and dynamic company consisted of two partners who also came from the metal sector named Mr. Valentí Sererols and Mr. Juan Huertos, with the business opportunity focused on the Spanish vibratory market.

The company, initially located in a Barcelona’s neighbourhood called Poblenou, it is specialised in the design and manufacturing of equipment and own technology systems that feed through vibration to position parts for all kind of industries. Its market at that time was mainly local and national.

Since the partners started with a low capital cost, the beginning of the company was not easy, but with lots of effort, engagement, and commitment, they managed to make a name by themselves in the metal sector.

Little by little TAD group grew, as did the productive needs of their clients, and they decided to expand their workforce and facilities and moved the company’s current headquarter to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in 1996.

It was in the 90s when the company decided to dive into the European exports, taking advantage of the relocation of some national clients.

Currently, approximately 50% of the production is destined for the national market and the rest for global export.

It should be noted that, since its foundation, TAD has managed to adapt to all socioeconomic changes of the moment such as the devaluation of the Spanish currency “la peseta” between the years 1992 and 1995, the globalization which began in 2000, the introduction of the Euro as a single currency in Europe in 2002, the financial crisis of 2008 and the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

With the implementation of its own philosophy, a very solid line of principles with a strong productive capacity, a non-stop professional trajectory, a continued improvement of the quality of products and an excellent after-sales service, have been key points of the success of the company.

tad feeding systems

TAD distinguishes itself in this sector by customizing its product and adapting it to the specific needs of each client. TAD’s clients come from many and varied sectors as pharmaceuticals, food, electrical, metallurgical, automotive and any company that needs to automate production processes.

In these past few years, TAD has significant invested on its registered trademark TAD, S.L., advertising, marketing, and social networks, and continues to sell the same product, but always updated and according to the needs of the current market.

Today the TAD group has an operating area of 3.000 m², a team of 60 highly qualified and human professionals specialized in its product and, with permanent commercial delegations in France, Poland, and England for more than ten years.

aifeed robotic hand

Being also a forward-thinking company, TAD is currently working on projects that combine the classic product with the intelligent product. In the same way, TAD group explores emerging industrial sectors such as Latin America and North Africa.