Due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, at TAD we have adopted a series of safety measures for staff, customers, suppliers and collaborators, based on the social responsibility that involves us all. The aim is to ensure that our commitments are not compromised by serious delays.

The plan of measures taken by TAD to avoid risks includes:

-The implementation of a teleworking system for office staff.
-The cancellation/postponement of all work visits and the cancellation of planned travel, promoting online communications. The validations are made from videos that we send to our clients.
-The staff of the production plant works following the strictest security measures, including guaranteeing each person a personalized work space that allows, at all times and without exception, to maintain the minimum-security distance of 1.5 meters.

At TAD we also wish to send a message of encouragement and sincere thanks, not only to our team and all those (customers, suppliers, collaborators, etc.) who make our work meaningful, but especially to the group of health professionals who, with their commitment, help us to recover, as soon as possible, full normality.

In the hands of all of us is the power to #BrakeTheCurve