We present a demanding system for positioning shavers for your production process.

With a cadence of between 90 and 120 units per minute, this feeding system consists of an autonomous unit where the shavers are supplied in bulk to be transported through a belt elevator with an inclination of about 45º. The shavers enter the bowl feeder which positions them, according to the customer’s needs, thanks to a complex structure of ramps and sensors.

The extremely irregular shape of the workpiece made it difficult to position it correctly in a simple bowl feeder. After several tests, the skills of our most experienced technicians solved these difficulties with optimal results.

The system is completed with a buffer unit that channels the blades for further processing.

The bowl feeder for these razors is protected by a soundproofing hood for sound insulation. And the complete equipment is placed on an adjustable table of about ± 25 mm.

At TAD we design and manufacture customised equipment with excellent quality and durability, thanks to the accumulated experience of our technicians, to provide solutions for the positioning of complex parts.

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